Human Resource

Recruitment Process

  • As Human Resources, the Koç Group is committed to recruit the most suitable candidate with institutional culture and position-specific competencies to Setur Marinas, and to ensure to employ the correct candidate in the correct position regardless of gender their preferences such as age, belief, ethnicity, nationality, marital status.
  • During the recruitment process, eligible candidates are invited to interview. Apart from our advertisements, applications made through our website are kept in the job application pool.
  • You can apply for work and internship via or you can also share your CV at
  • Our internship recruitments is divided into summer and winter semesters. The internship period for university students is between June and August. For high school students it is between September and June.

Career Process

  • Setur Marinas, the only chain marina business and the industry leader in Turkey, operate in various locations in Turkey; Kalamış & Fenerbahçe, Yalova, Ayvalık, Çeşme, Kuşadası, Gökova Ören, Marmaris, Kaş, Finike and Antalya and Greece-Lesbos. Our colleagues with different career goals and mobility can apply for internal announcements in Setur Marinas or Koç Group companies.
  • Positions opened at Koç Group companies are announced through Koç Career's internal advertisement system. Our colleagues who plan a career change in these advertisements can apply. The interview process starts according to the evaluation results. The rotation and promotion career movements of the people who have a positive process result are performed.

Performance And Talent Management

  • Performance Management consists of goal setting and distribution, target follow-up, interim and year-end evaluations, and action and feedback processes. The objective is to disseminate the objectives set in line with the community and company strategies to all management levels, objectively manage the performance of employees in the framework of common principles, and capture the highest level of performance. With the performance management system, it is ensured that the company targets are spread to the employees, the achievements of the employees in achieving their targets are measured and awarded, the competences are determined and the individual forward developments are planned.
  • Talent Management is intended for competency evaluation process, performance outcomes and managerial vision by identification of potential employees development areas, training and backup plans. By this means, it is aimed to prepare people for tasks that require more responsibility.

Recruitment Process

  • In Setur Marinas, the wage policy is determined according to the level, structure and performance of the business with its job evaluation system based on the size of the business.
  • There are 16 salary applications including 12 salaries + 4 salary bonuses per year.
  • With the Flextra Flexible Side Benefit Program, our employees can benefit from a variety of choices in the direction of their preferences such as supermarkets, fuel, clothing, white appliances, technology products, holiday and travel advantages, car rental, individual retirement, check-up and various gift coupons.
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Complementary Private Health Insurance
  • Social Benefits (Fuel assistance, holiday and day-off allowance, marriage, birth, death and military service)
  • Koç Holding Retirement and Assistance Foundation Membership

                       Advantages Provided:

  • Group Private Health Insurance
  • Financing Use
  • Death and Disability Compensation
  • Mass Payment / Retirement Monthly Payment
  • Koç My Family Card (offers special discount advantages from Koç Group and other contracted institutions)
  • Transportation and Meal Fee / dining hall