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Kaş Marina, which has brought a breath of fresh air to the country tourism as a pioneer for sea enthusiasts to discover new routes along the shores, is one of the important stops with its fully equipped marina services and social facilities. With its marina service buildings, yacht club, restaurants, shops and yachts in an indoor area of thousand square meters, Kaş Marina is an indispensable port for the lovers of the sea, meeting the marina need from Fethiye to Kemer.



Coordinates36° 12' 19''N 29° 37' 27''E Call CodesVHF 73 “ Kaş Marina ''

Welcome to Kaş Marina...

The Marina is planned facility, with a capacity of 450 yachts, has at the land part a dry dock area with the capacity of 150 yachts. Dry dock is one of the most important technical areas in the region in terms of size and function. There are 7 floating piers and a jetty, along with water depth and mooring feasibilities suitable for all sizes of boats including super and mega yachts. With service buildings, a yacht club, restaurants, shops and all services for the needs of yachters placed in its 3 thousand square meter reach indoor area, Kaş Marina is a port that will meet the marina need along the shoreline from Fethiye to Kemer and irreplaceable for sea lovers.