Setur Marinas introduces a groundbreaking development in the maritime sector: "Credit Payment System" Simplifying Customer Transactions

Setur Marinas, the foremost chain marina operator in Turkey, has introduced another unique opportunity within its marina network. Customers can now benefit from the Credit Payment System, a pioneering initiative in the marina industry developed in collaboration with Yapı Kredi.

Thanks to the Credit Payment System (CPS) launched in collaboration between Setur Marinas and Yapı Kredi, marina customers can effortlessly settle their payments at Setur Marinas without the need for a credit card and without impacting their card limits.

The Credit Regular Payment System, designed as a special payment limit for marina payments, offers Setur Marinas customers a unique advantage. It sets a limit equal to the mooring fee for the contract period and facilitates automatic monthly payments from their accounts according to the chosen payment plan. In the event of insufficient funds on the payment date, the installment amount is covered from the customers' credit limits. Notably, customers incur no interest charges, even if they don't utilize their credit limit.

For the marina mooring process and payment plan, please visit your nearest Setur Marinas office or visit for detailed information.