Setur Marinas Introduces Rib & Refit Park in Ören

Turkey's leading chain marina operator Setur Marinas opens Rib & Refit Park in Ören, providing winterization on land, boat maintenance and repair services.
Setur Marinas continues to offer solutions that will make life easier for sea enthusiasts with the motto " Set sail to new horizons". Setur Marinas Rib & Refit Park, which has started providing services in Ören, offers its services with the assurance and quality of Setur Marinas to boat owners who prefer to spend the winter season on land, short-term maintenance and winterization, using the 70-ton travel lift and the 240-ton amphibious boat transporter in its operations.
Emre Doruk, General Manager of Setur Marinas states; “The interest in maritime in our country has increased considerably in recent years, and we, as Setur Marinas, have thought about what we can do. We have decided to provide service with Setur Marinas quality and assurance respectful to nature and in compliance with OHS norms in dry dock area, which are an essential part of marina operations. To create added value and quality standards in the sector, we assert our corporate identity in the dry dock areas as well.
We took a step towards this innovation with the opportunity we came across in Ören. During the winter months, there are boat owners who want to get away from the marinas, and yet there is an ecosystem where the maintenance processes of each marine vessel are different. For example, 8-10 meter Rib vessels, which are frequently preferred around Bodrum and Çeşme, do not usually dock at marinas. We provide support for the vessels to remain in a safe area in the winter and to have their seasonal maintenance done."
Setur Marinas Guarantee the maintenance and needs of boats even outside marinas.
Emre Doruk continues his words by pointing out that safety and boat maintenance is the most important part of boating: "As Setur Marinas, we have now created an area where we can safely meet the maintenance and needs of your marine vehicles outside our marina. Also, we will offer special deals for boat owners who have contracts at Setur Marinas, and on the other hand, boats having services at Ören Rib & Refit Park will sail from Setur Marinas. We are very excited and believe that there will be many new doors opening ahead of us."